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Red Baron is Back!

October 22nd, 2013

We want to announce to all the fans of Ace of Aces that we are at last embarking to build a great successor to Ace of Aces. The new product will be named Red Baron, but it will still feature multiplayer world war one air combat. It will take advantage of all the latest hardware and software technologies, but still have exciting multiplayer matches just like Aces did. In addition it will have a strong single player campaign for offline play when you aren’t in the mood for head to head battle with your friends.

You can find a good description of the vision for the game on the website:
Red Baron

If this is a project that interests you, please check it out, and spread the word to all your friends via email, share on Facebook, and Tweet. We want to grow the flight game community for the game.

Also, take a chance to join our forums and follow our social media sites for new developments!

Damon Slye & everyone at Mad Otter

AoA website takes to the skies!

November 17th, 2010

We’re still tweaking the site and adding things, but the website is ready to take her maiden flight! Please post any and all suggestions in the forums and we’ll get to them whenever we capture a spare moment.